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Leading & Coaching (agile) Teams in an inspiring way

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Do you know that? You lead or accompany a software development project and work out a goal vision. And yet the team gets lost in side tasks or doesn't work well together? How can you meet such a challenge? With clear rules and inspiring communication and leadership.

Gültig bis 9.5.2021
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09:00 - 17:00 Online Englisch
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In this training you will get to know effective, easily applicable communication techniques and tools that promote the commitment and satisfaction of all project participants. This avoids misunderstandings or time-consuming work on sideshows. A worldwide study by Zenger/ Folkman/Edinger, with over 300.000(!) Employee feedbacks, confirms that there is a blatant connection between success and interpersonal skills. These are the basis for inspiring leadership work and project support that creates a culture in which teams can fully develop.


  • Tasks as an inspiring manager/project manager, scrum master or coach
  • Relationship between inspiring leadership work and employee engagement/satisfaction
  • Pick up employees and colleagues where they are
  • Questioning and clarification techniques in conversation with employees, colleagues and customers.
  • Conduct goal-, development- and criticism discussions in a clear and inspiring way
  • Role as a coach: stimulate development processes – attitude, tools & techniques
  • Promote initiative, personal responsibility and commitment through `Management by Feedback`


2 days


Leading position, project responsibility, Scrum Master, team coach


This training offers the ideal framework to sharpen your profile as a leader/coach and to gain credibility, clarity and authenticity. Communication becomes easier and more concrete, employees and colleagues more inspired. Frictional losses and misunderstandings are less, your room for maneuver is greater. The tools and techniques developed help to achieve your goals more easily. In order to promote the transfer of knowledge into your everyday project, we are happy to accompany you after the training with coaching or special training sessions.

Target groups

  • Heads of software development
  • Quality managers
  • Product managers
  • Team/group/and department heads (deputies)
  • Product owner
  • Scrum Master
  • Agile Coach
  • Team Coach
  • Project managers

Included in the seminar price

  • Handout
  • Writing pads (pad and ballpoint)
  • 2 coffee breaks per seminar day (morning and afternoon) with coffee, tea, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks
  • Seminar drinks in the seminar room (water and juices)
  • One lunch per seminar day including one non-alcoholic drink per participant
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