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Live Webinars

With the live webinars (also live online seminar, live online course, live online training, live online training), the E-Academy offers a good opportunity to attend planned further training courses conveniently from the office or from the home office.

This form of training is not a video recording, but the trainer teaches live like a face-to-face training. However, you as a participant are not in the same training room with the trainer, but participate in the training using online communication tools.


A live webinar offers you many advantages:

  • No travel times to the venue.
  • No hotel or travel costs.
  • Comfortable work in a familiar environment.
  • Lower price compared to classroom training.
  • The same question and discussion options as in face-to-face training.

Our next live webinars

The seminar is confirmed and places are still availableexam available IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering Foundation Level (English, CPRE FL)

Available as a Live Webinar

The seminar is confirmed and places are still availableexam available ISTQB Certified Tester - Foundation Level (English, CTFL)

Available as a Live Webinar

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eLearning courses

Learn online flexibly, locally and in time and very cost-effectively!
With the proven quality and expertise of the Software Quality Lab Trainer. We use the Moodle platform to host our e-learning offers.

E-Learning CTFL - So einfach werden Sie Certified Tester

E-Learning mit Trainerstunde

Ihnen fehlt es an Interaktionsmöglichkeit mit dem Trainer bei einem E-Learning Kurs? Wir machen es einfach: E-Learning Schulungen gibt es künftig auch mit inkludierter Trainerstunde, um etwa spezifische Fragestellungen zu beantwortet.

So funktioniert es: Bereits bei der Buchung E-Learning mit Trainerstunde wählen und vom zusätzlichen Wissenstransfer profitieren. Für das Seminar „E-Learning CTFL: ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level online“ ist das Angebot bereits verfügbar. Trainerstunden zu weiteren Seminaren sind in Planung.

Included services

  • Your employees get optimally qualified for your application areas.
  • Practice and exercises in our training courses are of great importance. 
  • Many trainings have a minimum of 50% practice to deepen the methodological knowledge. 
  • The trainers are not just lecturers, they have practical experience and are also involved as consultants in projects in addition to the training activities. 
  • All coaches have many years of experience in the various subject areas and can discuss the subject with the participants. 
  • We have a multi-level trainer qualification model that ensures the professionalism and quality of the software Quality Lab training is implemented by all coaches. 
  • Our Blended-Learning-platform supports the participants during and after the training by additional downloads, questions and discussion possibilities with the trainer and other advantages.

Classic face-to-face courses

If you are more interested in traditional face-to-face courses, you will find our seminar topics under "Academy".

Market leader in Austria

Software Quality Lab ist market leader in professional methodical trainigs around the software development. E.g. more than 50% of all software testers in Austria are educated in trainings of Software Quality Lab.

In-house seminars and training

All our seminars and trainings are also offered as in-house seminars, trainings and workshops at your company as well, where we can tailor the topics and structure them to your needs and current situation.

We also offer many of our training courses as open dates.

Other topics, topic combinations or more detailed multi-day workshops are possible. Contact us for a tailor-made solution!

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Our trainers

All Software Quality Lab trainers are well-known experts in their respective areas, have many years of experience, and are always involved in consulting and operational activities, in addition to their training activities.

You can ask our trainers in-depth professional questions and conduct discussions.